Psychotherapy is the treatment which aims to change thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Those changes are achieved by means of the bonds of trust between the patient and the therapist and the training and the professional skills of the latter. After coming up with hypothesis about the possible causes of the problem and, analysing the present experiences of the patient, the specific treatment to follow during the therapy is defined. These are the basic therapeutic techniques I use on my patients:

Reciprocal Interaction Therapy

It is a limited use therapy, created by the psychologist Roberto Aguado. It is based on concepts and foundations of psychoanalytic, cognitive, strategic, systemic and interpersonal therapies with their own elements, both in the theoretical foundations and the implementation of the clinical practice. The patient is normally induced to a deep state of relaxation, as it is during state where the therapeutical changes take place.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a technique based on the natural processing of our brains in the process of assimilating negative o traumatic experiences. By means of a bilateral stimulation through eye movement, tapping or sounds, this natural system is triggered facilitating the reprocessing of the traumatic information.